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Horror Game Concept Based on your Fears

This video is decently long, but if you’re a horror game fan, absolutely worth the watch. The fascinating concept is for a game that would change as it discovers your fears, be they spiders, darkness or maybe strange faces in the shadows!

The game isn’t a reality yet, but creator Michael Chiniquy has included his contact info at the end of the video for those with ideas.

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Holy shit this is awesome.  I hate scary games, but I’m kind of a horror/slash-em-up movie person, so this is pretty cool.  That last part of the “demonstration” was pretty neat, too; never would have imagined a scary face “startling” someone into that pit.  Very clever gameplay :U

This is stunningly brilliant idea. I love the face and the pit - the concept of the player being so scared that they can’t think straight and fall into pits or run out into the path of an enemy or otherwise do themselves in is just…it’s phenomenal, and would be an amazing gaming element. A great example of purely fear-based gameplay.

THE THING IS that a game like this could either be incredibly innovative or a gigantic flop. The intentions are good, and the demo has a lot of good ideas, but pulling off this idea correctly means the entire devo team needs to know the ins and outs of the nature of fear. There needs to be more research into what scares people and WHY - I imagine this game would benefit even more by having a psychologist play advisor, or at least sitting down with one and letting them talk about the topic.

I also can’t emphasize enough that THIS NEEDS TO STAY SUBTLE AND MINIMALISTIC FOR THE FULL EFFECT. One of the main pitfalls I see with “”“”“scary”“”“” games is that there’s too much going on. Gameplay is too complicated, there’s too many enemies (part of the beauty of Amnesia is that there are only two enemies - it’s less to have to think about, leaving more space for the player to flounder around in a constant state of “scared shitless”), combat is unnecessarily complicated and/or made an issue in the first place (I’m really, really big on not being able to fight things in horror games - a sense of helplessness is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in making a game successfully scary), among other things.

I really do hope this game gets to development, because it’s an incredibly innovative idea! There’s an amazing amount of possibilities here, and I imagine you could even update the engine with MORE fears via software updates or DLC or something. Crazy stuff!

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Sob I finally watched this. The concept behind it is really interesting and the face made me cry.  But this looks really cool to play.

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